These Metros Will Outpace The Pack In The Wake Of The Pandemic

Check out 10 metro areas that stand apart for the balance of economic, demographic, housing, and commercial property factors it will take for a speedier pandemic revival.

John McManus March 12th, 2021

As many as 25 moving-target variables play a vital part in the relative resilience of metro area commercial real estate markets, and housing accounts for at least five disproportionately important ones.

The National Association of Realtors here heat-maps 10 metros whose complex equilibrium among economic, demographic, housing, and commercial composition by property type and performance metrics set them apart as overachievers in the near- to mid-term health and resiliency department.

Two relative surprises on the fitness list are Las Vegas and Nashville, each of which have been extra hard-hit in the devastated hotel and leisure sweet spots of their economies. Both are beneficiaries of outsized pipelines of new industrial property development – a jobs indicator – and Vegas boasts a hot multifamily outlook thanks to a low, low rental vacancy rate.

But what interests us the most is which builders are in the best position to take advantage of where the stars have aligned to match destination markets with their market share positions. Or, just as importantly, to see which independents have inticing market shares in hot markets – making them more strategically attractive takeover targets. Here are the top 10 builders in each of the NAR's 10 hottest post-pandemic markets along with their market shares, as reported by Zonda for 2019.

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