TBD Partners With The Building Talent Foundation On Capability And Action

The partnership will work to create a field guide for builders, partners, community colleges, and local officials to turn the tide on building's ability to attract, retain, and grow people into tomorrow construction talent force.

John McManus June 11th, 2021

An issue that comes under our "tyranny of cyclical thinking" heading. It's this story Three short set-up paragraphs, and then this one:

Women are put off by the industry, say female workers and recruiters, citing a lack of flexibility in a career that can include months away from home at isolated sites. Other deterrents include a perception that they don’t have the same opportunities as men, what some describe as a macho culture, and incidents of harassment, they say.

From Wall Street Journal writers Alistair MacDonald and Rhiannon Hoyle, the analysis looks at the failure of the mining industry to significantly turn the tide on attracting and retaining women as a way to solve for workforce capacity constraint.

The parallels here to conditions, risks – and enormous opportunity – in homebuilding and its related fields are too strong not to take notice.

As well as attracting more women to science and engineering studies, these include “changing the image and cultures of the industry from being ‘blokey’ and male-dominated, and clamping down on workplace sexual harassment which in our industry is higher in prevalence than the average across all sectors,” Ms. [Tara] Diamond [operations director at Australian Mines and Metals Association] said.

Women are and need to be a practical, essential, and meaningful solution – in the ranks, in the leadership, and in boards of directors impacting strategy and culture – for homebuilding, manufacturing, distribution, investment, and the rest of the ecosystem in the shelter business.

This – unlike inflation's transitory or structural nature in mid-2021 – is a matter that people today in building can do something about. But not if the tyranny of cyclical thinking reigns.

That mindset, which says that all things real estate ebb and flow perpetually under the force of housing economic cycles, would lead housing's business leaders to the same fate mining industry strategists are up against.

Essential to our community-hosting purpose at The Builder's Daily is igniting new approaches to big opportunities, masquerading as building's unsolvable chronic challenges.

Like talent, for instance.

Terms widely used to frame and characterize the challenge – skills shortage, labor crisis, capacity constraint – tend to come from the cold language of economics. They don't speak to the very human scale of the issue, which is where the opportunity – to reframe the challenge as solvable through a cultural pivot – is golden. So, we're thrilled, today, to have the honor of unveiling a partnership with The Building Talent Foundation, whose purpose is to invigorate construction's workforce, to co-host a new Capability & Action summit, research, and connection initiative leading to a Fall event.

Here's the initial details, with more to come soon:

(Washington, DC) June 9, 2021 — Building Talent Foundation (BTF) has announced a partnership with The Builder’s Daily (TBD), a leading publisher in the construction industry, designed to ignite engagement and build new bridges to construction’s emerging generation of talent, skills, and capability. The new partnership centers around the co-creation of the Capability & Culture Summit, under development for Fall 2021, as well as research and programming aimed at amplifying BTF as homebuilding’s collaborative center of excellence in talent recruitment and cultivation.

The 2021 Capability & Culture Summit: Building the Human Bridge to Tomorrow, will be a high-level, high-powered insight, connections, and accountability-centered planning and leadership conference for the U.S. residential construction industry. Coming directly out of the summit will be an array of new programs, set in motion to achieve concrete, attainable levels of transformation and growth.

BTF was founded by the Leading Builders of America (LBA) for the purpose of strengthening the residential construction workforce with the ultimate objective to bring 100,000 new skilled workers into the industry by 2030.

“We are thrilled to partner with John McManus and the team at The Builder’s Daily to co-host the Capability & Action Summit and launch programs that coordinate efforts across the residential construction industry to address the severe shortage of skilled talent,” says Branka Minic, CEO of BTF. “TBD’s data-centered and action-oriented approach outlook toward improving coordination and decision making within our industry is truly impressive and is the perfect complement to our efforts at BTF.”

The Builder’s Daily is a data-driven media community, dedicated to serving key stakeholder interests in real estate and construction's value chain. Through daily insights and solutions-focused program agenda, its expert network addresses development, finance, policy, and construction, all from the standpoint of serving to improve access to better decision-making for company executives, policy influencers, procurement, architects and designers, contractors, and developers.

“We believe in the mission, urgency, and opportunity of the Leading Builders of America’s Building Talent Foundation,” said John McManus, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Editor-in-Chief of The Builder’s Daily. “Under Branka’s leadership, the BTF team has road mapped specific, proven steps, relationships, and focus points that can transform an industry crisis into opportunity for the business community, for regional economies, and for people who’d thrive in one of the noblest of livelihoods, making homes and communities. We’re honored at the chance to help in our way.”

About Building Talent Foundation

Building Talent Foundation (BTF) was founded by the Leading Building of America, 20 of the largest residential building companies in the US with the purpose to address the severe and persistent labor shortage across skilled trades by improving talent supply, training, and retention. The non-profit organization brings together employers, educators, suppliers, manufacturers, and all other market players, to catalyze, accelerate and synchronize joint projects for building the sector’s workforce of the future. For more information, visit www.buildingtf.org.

About The Builder’s Daily

The Builder's Daily is a data-driven media company dedicated to serving key stakeholder interests in real estate and construction's value chain. Through daily insights and our solutions-focused program agenda, we cover single-family for-sale, for-rent, and multifamily market-rate and affordable development, finance, policy, and construction, all from the standpoint of serving to improve access to better decision-making for company executives, policy influencers, procurement, architects and designers, contractors and developers.

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