Land 08.06.21

Remote Control: Here's CoreLogic's 15 Hottest Cities

Will the drivers that set the tone for 2020 migration patterns continue to reshape real estate strategy beyond the near-term? Or are we in limbo?

Policy 08.06.21

As Prices Outpace Incomes Everywhere, Opportunity Dims

Wages haven't kept up. Dirt cheap interest rates are under pressure. Not enough homes -- it's evident to everyone -- is not a strategy for economic dynamism.

Policy 08.03.21

Housing's Importance As US Stares Covid-Delta In The Face

Battles with local, regional, state, and federal regulators currently pass too much cost burden to people sitting at kitchen tables. What can and should housing's leaders do about that now?

Marketing & Sales 08.02.21

As Delta Surges, What's Next For Global Buyers of US Homes?

Here are the states where global demand for U.S. homes and properties matters most in a living-with-COVID-19-environment.

Marketing & Sales 07.28.21

'A Deal Is A Deal' When Builders Abide By A Contract, No Matter What

Here's a homebuilder story worth retelling -- ICYMI, or not.

Marketing & Sales 07.23.21

The Family Way: Covid's Toll On The Future Of Households

Housing supply and demand may likely be forever and always out of balance. Where does that leave households -- the engine of a third of our economy?

Building Tech & Products 07.22.21

Will Three Out Of Five Would-Be Homebuyers Spark Change?

As the gaps between would-be homebuyers and prevailing prices widen, how might innovative solutions figure into, one-day, closing them and expanding the buyer pool?

Land 07.21.21

Comfort Zoned In: Remapping Paths-Of-Growth To A WFH Future

The lot plot thickens as data reveals homebuyers' bets that a work-from-home hybrid is the future they're buying into. That means trading off commute convenience for more space.

Policy 07.20.21

From Peak To Trough To Rebound In 60 Days: The Covid Recesison

The recession that was -- from February 2020 to April 2020 -- goes down as a record-breaker for its speedy duration. Except for the millions still living in its grip, and in fear of its next wave of pain.

Land 07.19.21

Managed Retreats, Maybe So, But, Not Where We Build

The impacts of natural hazards -- as destructive as they'd been -- have not seemed to alter land values and property development. Is a change coming?

Land 07.19.21

The Power Of Place: The Race For Pandemic Era Dynamism

CNBC's 'best states to do business' for 2021 spotlight all-important factors of education, talent, and workforce opportunity in why places rank high.

Marketing & Sales 07.19.21

Apples And Oranges: Why Housing Bubbles Don't Compare

Contrasts between the 2006 house price boom and today's run-up? For sure. Still, some are jittery over one similarity, the gap between median household wages and median prices.

Land 07.14.21

Pandemic 'Rise Of The Rest' Gives Tertiary Markets A Mojo Boost

As secondary markets become the new primary markets, and tertiary markets become the new secondary markets, local, time-tested homebuilding operators become targets of opportunity.

Policy 07.14.21

How To Reinvent Zoning To Rid Housing Of Racial Inequity

Brookings fellow Lance Freeman proposes a model for public-and-private sector retooling of land-use practices to make them racially-equitable.

Marketing & Sales 07.13.21

Adaptive Pre-Use: Curb Appeal Disrupts Construction Disruption

Scaffolding and construction sheds emerge in a creative burst as part of developers' ever-more-clever approaches to omnichannel, seamless customer engagement and acquisition.

Building Tech & Products 07.13.21

The Elon Musk Watch: An Austin 'Solar Neighborhood' By Design

Brookfield, Tesla, Dacra team up to launch a scale-able sustainable and attainable home and community development and construction model. Now comes the hard part. Doing it as promised.

Building Tech & Products 07.13.21

Here's A Robot That Solves For Prefab Wall Panel Spray Foam Insulation

Spray-R, a spin off from Chemovator, provides the solution which repeatably, safely, and swiftly applies spray foam insulation in offsite panel facility environments.

Land 07.12.21

As Certainties, Doubts Offset One Another, Land Looms Large

High-stakes wagers on the future value of lots take intestinal fortitude, confidence in structural demand, and increasingly, extra clout to land the deals.

Marketing & Sales 07.12.21

Sonic Boom: MultiGen's Trajectory Got A Covid Lift

The same people that brought the world the very first 'Me Generation,' are now spurring a We Generation surge to multiple generations living under a single roof.

Land 07.12.21

Homebuilding's '20 Scorecard Shows Heat In These Hotspots

Broad sweep of Census divisions highlights macro migration magnets, spotlighting natural appeal, affordability, and tech augmented job center mobility.