Building Tech & Products 06.18.21

A Sign Of Trying Times: Jobsite Robberies Rise For Scarce LBM

Surging commodity prices on the black market of goods have begun rewarding theft and fraud.

Policy 06.18.21

New Or Used: Housing's Public Enemy No. 1 Is The Public Itself

Much as they'd rather not face it if they don't have to, builders and their business partners face a critical challenge to get out of a victim-villain vicious circle, and start winning over voters.

Policy 06.17.21

A 20-Year Gap Of 5 Million Homes Not Built Defines '20s Challenge

In shock-therapy approach, the National Association of Realtors calls on lawmakers to call housing what it is ... infrastructure, and fund it accordingly.

Land 06.17.21

Second Homes Surge In The Wake Of The Pandemic

Here are the U.S. top 30 counties for vacation homes, as Americans blend their urge for recreation with a newfound capacity to work from anywhere.

Marketing & Sales 06.16.21

Kids Go Missing In Action As American Households Change

The demos don't lie. With fertility rates falling and Baby Boom generation adults rotating into older ages, housing's transformation is a non-negotiable.

Land 06.16.21

Not All SFR Markets Are Created Equal: Many Thrive, Some Don't

On average, single-family-rental is one of housing's biggest winners of 2020 into 2021. How many markets will behave according to the law of averages?

Policy 06.16.21

A Tale Of Two Markets: Housing's Split Personality Challenges All

The Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies annual analysis, "The State of The Nation's Housing 2021," releases today, diving deep in the data that tells housing's sharp divides.

Marketing & Sales 06.15.21

What A Bottom In Inventory Means For New-Home Sellers

A tipping point in inventory tightness is not just a moment for financial reforecasts, but a time to double-down focus on customers -- who now will enjoy more buying options.

Capital 06.15.21

Fed Watch: As Economy Revs Up, All Eyes Are On Interest Rates

At stake in what the Fed signals is a lynchpin of new-home sales momentum that kicked into overdrive practically with the onset of COVID-19 in late winter 2020.

Land 06.15.21

To Detect Job Magnets, Follow Job Opportunity Scorecards

Which top 10 states rankings for job seekers will win out in predicting where young people match up with career opportunity?

Marketing & Sales 06.15.21

With Pandemic-Etched Clarity, 55-Plus Americans Crave Purpose

A more sharply-defined priority around purpose now goes along with health, family, and finance as a must for well-being. And that post-pandemic definition makes a difference to builders.

Building Tech & Products 06.14.21

Mill Work: As Supply Kicks Up; Lumber Futures Go Down

Sawmills pick up their pace of output, rewarding those who can sit out immediate-term scrums for lumber supply, and wait to see where pricing settles in the medium-term.

Land 06.14.21

Drought Shifts Wildfire's Fault Lines Into No Man's Land Buys

Arguments pro and con on the risks of development, where and where not to develop, who's got which rights to do what, etc., are the matters of power, money, and politics. Meanwhile, there's a housing affordability crisis.

Capital 06.11.21

Can A Bubble Boil With All The Toil But Not The Trouble?

Soft-landing scenarios ... we've heard them before. Here's ways leaders can control where their firms wind up coming out of price-shock bottlenecks in the months ahead.

Building Tech & Products 06.11.21

TBD Partners With The Building Talent Foundation On Capability And Action

The partnership will work to create a field guide for builders, partners, community colleges, and local officials to turn the tide on building's ability to attract, retain, and grow people into tomorrow construction talent force.

Marketing & Sales 06.09.21

Mood Craters: Torrid Turning To Cool? Is That A Good Thing?

As price trends price-out more buyers, the role of customer care and learning around the buyer's journey meaningfully changes. It's a risk or an opportunity.

Building Tech & Products 06.09.21

Builder Job Quits And The Retention Rate Challenge Ahead

One in three entrants into the field of construction bolts to another occupation within 24 months. A culture pivot is essential.

Building Tech & Products 06.09.21

In Katerra's Wake, Builders Blaze Paths To Progress

Katerra's gutsy play to revolutionize home construction hinged on a Silicon Valley linchpin that connects data to real-world productization. Here's how that key tech building block failed.

Building Tech & Products 06.08.21

When Strategy Backfires: Producers' Role In Supply Shock

The time to de-risk forecasts for inflation impacts is now, given that the commodities crunch can pivot into consumer price stresses in the months ahead.

Policy 06.08.21

Oval Reach: White House Plan To Bolster Building Supply Chain

The Biden-Harris Administration's 100-day review of the U.S. supply chain crisis across key sectors gives specific focus to what ails homebuilders now. Is that a good thing?